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Little drifters

August 16, 2010

Canadian art blog Booooooom got scores of people around the world to build little boats with natural materials and set them afloat last month.

Here’s our late entry drifting away in Ludlow, Shropshire. Bark hull, mast from a straight piece of “Contorted Filbert”, leaf sail and grass rigging.

little drifter 2

It was a very simple and satisfying thing to make. The only tool was a pair of scissors to bore the hole for the mast. We gathered the parts during a five minute poke around the garden. After it drifted off down river we checked the map to see where it might end up. Barring duck attacks, blockages and weirs, ours would have headed down the River Teme, then the River Severn, opening out into the Bristol Channel and further out to the Celtic Sea and the wider Atlantic Ocean.

Here are some of the other entries as collected on Booooooom and the Vancouver Sun.

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